Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Your data is important and how that data is used is equally important to you. This Privacy policy is here to let you know how and why we collect, store, process or share your personal data. Lifeplus Church believes in transparency by letting you know what is done with your personal data. The Privacy Policy is also here to inform you of your rights in regards to the personal data you give access to Lifeplus Church. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy policy or your rights, please contact

What personal data does Lifeplus Church collect?

Personal Data

When you use this website forms to send or request information, Lifeplus Church may capture your personal information such as your name, your business name, addresses, email, telephone and mobile phone number.


When you enter your email or sign up to a newsletter on this website and give Lifeplus Church consent, you may receive information that may be of interest to you in regard to services of Lifeplus Church.

How does your personal data get used and how does Lifeplus Church justify doing so?

To assist Lifeplus Church with understanding how our web pages & services are being used, Lifeplus Church hold records of pages accessed by users with the use of 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics. Information gathered by 3rd party tools will in no way be linked to your personal information.

Who has shared access of your personal data?

Lifeplus Church shall not share information to 3rd parties (outside Lifeplus Church) without your given consent unless in the event the Client breaches the Contract / Default, Lifeplus Church may pass relative information to appropriate collection and/or legal agencies and/or authorities.

Your rights

You have many rights relating to your personal information and what happens to that information. At your request you are entitled to:

  • Have your information & data processed in a fair, lawful and transparent manner.
  • Be informed on how your personal data is being handled and used, you can find out more in this Privacy policy.
  • Request or access information Lifeplus Church hold about you.
  • Require Lifeplus Church to amend any errors in your Personal Data.
  • Require Lifeplus Church to destroy personal data where you are concern there is no good reason for Lifeplus Church to process.
  • Request a transfer of personal data to you or another developer and/or service provider in a simple, structured format.

  • To find out more about your rights and circumstances in which they apply, please see

    Policy Changes

    Lifeplus Church may update this policy without notice at any given time. The Policy Policy was last updated on the 14th September 2020