Cookies Policy


Cookies Policy

This policy explains what Cookies are and how they are used here on This policy is to give a transparent understanding on how, why and when Cookies and Information are being used on this website.

For any queries to find out more, please get in touch.
For additional information on how uses, stores and secures your personal data, please see the privacy policy.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on the browser or storage device of your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application and come in many forms, some are associated directly with our website while other cookies may operate from 3rd Party sources which place cookies on our website. Cookies are stored for a period of time on your browser or device. Session cookies are stored up until the point that you close the browser while other more persistent cookies will terminate on reaching their given expiry date or have been deleted.


Some cookies are essential to fully utilise the websites functionality. For example services that involve the login, use or access of an account. Without these cookies, some services or even parts of would not work as intended.


Some cookies are used to find out and inform Lifeplus Church how the website is used to improve the website at a later date. For example the websites cookies may count the volume of visitors a page on the website is getting over a period of time or to see how our visitors are using our website to get around.

How are Cookies used

Cookies used here are there to enhance your experience by

  • Recognising when you log-in and retain your chosen settings.
  • Analyse how you use to understand how the website is being used and troubleshoot any issues.

    What types of Cookies are in use on

    Below are examples of cookies used on this website, what they do and how you can change your settings to disable them.

    Third Party

    Google Analytics

    This is a performance and usage monitor that allows us to see how visitors on are engaging with the website and how often pages are being visited. For more information, please visit Google Analytics

    Changing Your Cookie Preferences

    Options in your browser allow you to choose if you accept or deny cookies.
    Not all browsers are the same when it comes to controlling your preferences.
    In most circumstances browser will give you the option to accept, decline or delete cookies all the time, or those provided by 3rd Party sources.

    Each browser should have documented instructions or guides from the provider on how you can set your Cookie preferences.
    For further information please see

    Please note, if you block cookies on, you may be unable to access or use services, functions or areas of the website or may experiences issues in viewing pages and content.

    Cookies Policy Changes

    LifePlus Church may update this policy without notice at any given time. The Cookie policy was last updated on the 14th September 2020